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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions set out the basis on which you can use our website and place orders for items from GJ Boon. By ordering goods from GJ Boon, you are deemed to have understood and accepted these terms. The supplier of the goods featured is GJ Boon, a trading name of GSM. TRADERS and part of GSM. TRADERS Ltd, (“GSM”, “we”, or “us”). Registered office Unit 8, Oak Court,Crystal Drive,Sandwell Business Park,Smethwick B66 1QG,United Kingdom. Registered number 09149667 (England and Wales). You may contact us at this address or by email through the help section at or call us on 0121 552 0152 #. Telephone calls to and from GJ Boon will be recorded or monitored as part of our efforts to further improve service to our customers. We may contact you for marketing purposes by email, mail or telephone with relevant offers from the following GSM. TRADERS Companies: GSM. TRADERS and GJ Boon. We may also contact you for market research purposes.

#For call charges, contact your service provider


Purchases from GJ Boon will be charged the day the goods are purchased.

Orders and Contract Information

Your order is accepted and a contract is formed between GJ Boon and you when we dispatch the goods you have ordered and not before. A contract is not formed at the point in time that payment has been taken from you by GJ Boon, nor at the point in time that you receive an email from GJ Boon acknowledging receipt of your order. Until the goods are dispatched the order may not be accepted by GJ Boon or may be cancelled by you. Exceptions apply to orders for personalized items and goods made to your order which cannot be cancelled by you once you have received email confirmation that your order has been received; as such items and goods may already be in production as a result of your order. For a full list of exceptions please see under the heading EXCEPTIONS TO THE RETURNS POLICY. For security reasons we may restrict the volumes of certain items to be sold in any one transaction.

Following formation of the contract GJ Boon shall continue to own any goods ordered until it has received payment in full from you even though the goods may have already been delivered to you.

Free Delivery Offers and Order Codes

Free delivery offers are subject to availability and are NOT applicable to postal flowers, wine, items ordered from the gift list, gift cards, Art2Order, personalized gifts, photo processing, vouchers, domestic appliances, gift experiences, house signs. Free delivery and other offer codes remain the property of GJ Boon, are non-transferable and may not be reproduced in any other form or used in conjunction with any other offer.

GJ Boon Next day delivery

The GJ Boon Next day delivery service applies on orders placed before 12 Midday. The GJ Boon day delivery service is only available on payment of an extra special delivery rate and for postcodes below will be dispatched as normal but delivery time for our courier is 2-3 working days.

GJ Boon Next Day Delivery is not available in the following postcodes (subject to change):

NB If the first 4/5 characters of any of these entries match your postcode (e.g. AB12 3xx), this information relates to you.

AB24 1, AB32 7, AB33 8, AB35 5, AB38 7, AB38 9, AB41 0, AB43 5, AB45 1, AB45 3, AB51 7, AB51 9, AB53 4, AB53 5, AB53 6, AB53 8, AB54 4, AB54 6, AB54 7, AB55 4, AB55 5, AB55 6, AB56 2, AB56 5, BA1 1, BT1 1, BT1 2, BT1 3, BT1 4, BT1 5, BT1 6, BT10 0, BT11 8, BT11 9, BT12 4, BT12 5, BT12 5, BT12 6, BT12 6, BT12 7, BT13 1, BT13 2, BT13 3, BT14 6, BT14 7, BT14 8, BT14 8, BT15 1, BT15 1, BT15 2, BT15 3, BT15 4, BT15 5, BT16 1, BT16 2, BT17 0, BT17 9, BT18 0, BT18 9, BT18 9, BT19 1, BT19 6, BT19 7, BT2 7, BT2 8, BT20 3, BT20 4, BT20 5, BT21 0, BT22 1, BT22 2, BT23 4, BT23 4, BT23 5, BT23 6, BT23 7, BT23 8, BT24 7, BT24 8, BT25 1, BT25 2, BT26 6, BT27 4, BT27 5, BT27 6, BT28 1, BT28 2, BT28 3, BT28 3, BT29 4, BT29 4, BT3 9, BT3 9, BT30 6, BT30 7, BT30 8, BT30 8, BT30 9, BT31 9, BT32 3, BT32 4, BT32 5, BT33 0, BT34 1, BT34 2, BT34 3, BT34 4, BT34 5, BT35 0, BT35 6, BT35 7, BT35 8, BT35 9, BT36 4, BT36 5, BT36 6, BT36 7, BT36 7, BT37 0, BT37 0, BT37 9, BT38 7, BT38 8, BT38 9, BT39 0, BT39 9, BT4 1, BT4 2, BT4 3, BT40 1, BT40 2, BT40 2, BT40 3, BT41 1, BT41 2, BT41 3, BT41 4, BT41 4, BT42 1, BT42 2, BT42 3, BT42 4, BT42 4, BT43 5, BT43 6, BT43 7, BT43 7, BT44 0, BT44 8, BT44 9, BT45 5, BT45 6, BT45 7, BT45 8, BT45 9, BT46 5, BT47 2, BT47 3, BT47 4, BT47 5, BT47 6, BT48 0, BT48 4, BT48 6, BT48 7, BT48 8, BT48 9, BT49 0, BT49 9, BT49 9, BT5 4, BT5 5, BT5 6, BT5 7, BT51 3, BT51 4, BT51 5, BT52 1, BT52 2, BT53 6, BT53 7, BT53 8, BT53 9, BT54 6, BT55 7, BT56 8, BT57 8, BT6 0, BT6 8, BT6 9, BT60 1, BT60 1, BT60 2, BT60 3, BT60 4, BT61 7, BT61 8, BT61 9, BT62 1, BT62 2, BT62 3, BT62 4, BT63 5, BT63 6, BT64 1, BT64 2, BT64 3, BT65 4, BT65 5, BT66 6, BT66 7, BT66 8, BT67 0, BT67 9, BT68 4, BT69 6, BT7 1, BT7 2, BT7 2, BT7 3, BT70 1, BT70 2, BT70 3, BT71 4, BT71 5, BT71 6, BT71 7, BT74 4, BT74 5, BT74 6, BT74 7, BT74 8, BT74 9, BT75 0, BT76 0, BT77 0, BT78 1, BT78 2, BT78 3, BT78 4, BT78 5, BT79 0, BT79 7, BT79 7, BT79 8, BT79 9, BT8 4, BT8 6, BT8 7, BT8 8, BT80 0, BT80 8, BT80 9, BT81 7, BT82 0, BT82 8, BT82 9, BT9 5, BT9 6, BT9 7, BT92 0, BT92 1, BT92 2, BT92 3, BT92 4, BT92 5, BT92 6, BT92 7, BT92 8, BT92 9, BT93 0, BT93 1, BT93 2, BT93 3, BT93 4, BT93 5, BT93 6, BT93 7, BT93 8, BT94 1, BT94 2, BT94 3, BT94 4, BT94 5, CA18 1, CA19 1, CA20 1, CA21 2, CA4 0, CA4 8, CA4 9, CA5 6, CA5 7, CA6 4, CA6 5, CA6 6, CA7 0, CA7 1, CA7 5, CA7 5, CA7 8, CA8 7, CA9 3, CH3 9, DD10 0, DD11 3, DD11 5, DD8 1, DD9 6, DD9 7, DG3 4, DG3 5, DG5 4, DG6 4, DG7 1, DG7 2, DG7 3, DG8 0, DG8 6, DG8 7, DG8 8, DG8 9, DG9 0, DG9 7, DG9 8, DG9 9, EH34 5, EH36 5, FK14 7, FK17 8, FK18 8, FK19 8, FK20 8, FK21 8, FK8 3, G41 1, G41 2, G41 5, G51 2, G52 1, G63 0, G63 9, G83 7, GY1 1, GY1 2, GY1 3, GY10 1, GY2 4, GY3 5, GY4 6, GY5 7, GY6 8, GY7 9, GY8 0, GY9 0, GY9 3, HS1 2, HS1 2, HS2 0, HS2 0, HS2 0, HS2 9, HS2 9, HS2 9, HS3 3, HS3 3, HS4 3, HS5 3, HS6 5, HS7 5, HS8 5, HS9 5, IM1 1, IM1 2, IM1 3, IM1 4, IM1 5, IM2 1, IM2 2, IM2 3, IM2 4, IM2 5, IM2 6, IM2 7, IM3 1, IM3 2, IM3 3, IM3 4, IM4 1, IM4 2, IM4 3, IM4 4, IM4 5, IM4 6, IM4 7, IM5 1, IM5 2, IM5 3, IM6 1, IM6 2, IM7 1, IM7 2, IM7 3, IM7 4, IM7 5, IM8 1, IM8 2, IM8 3, IM9 1, IM9 2, IM9 3, IM9 4, IM9 5, IM9 6, IV1 3, IV10 8, IV11 8, IV12 4, IV12 4, IV12 5, IV12 5, IV14 9, IV15 9, IV16 9, IV17 0, IV18 0, IV19 1, IV2 4, IV2 5, IV2 5, IV2 5, IV2 6, IV2 6, IV2 7, IV20 1, IV21 2, IV22 2, IV22 2, IV23 2, IV23 2, IV24 3, IV25 3, IV26 2, IV26 2, IV27 4, IV27 4, IV28 3, IV3 8, IV4 7, IV40 8, IV41 8, IV42 8, IV43 8, IV44 8, IV45 8, IV46 8, IV47 8, IV48 8, IV49 9, IV5 7, IV51 9, IV52 8, IV53 8, IV54 8, IV55 8, IV56 8, IV6 7, IV63 6, IV63 7, IV7 8, IV8 8, IV9 8, JE1 0, JE1 1, JE1 2, JE1 3, JE1 4, JE1 7, JE2 3, JE2 4, JE2 6, JE2 7, JE3 1, JE3 2, JE3 3, JE3 4, JE3 5, JE3 6, JE3 7, JE3 8, JE3 9, JE4 8, JE4 9, KA18 4, KA27 8, KA28 0, KA3 4, KW1 4, KW1 5, KW10 6, KW11 6, KW12 6, KW13 6, KW14 7, KW14 8, KW15 1, KW15 9, KW16 3, KW17 2, KW2 6, KW3 6, KW5 6, KW6 6, KW7 6, KW8 6, KW9 6, KY10 2, KY13 0, KY9 1, LA20 6, LA21 8, LA23 1, LA23 2, LA23 3, LL15 1, LL15 2, M4 1, M4 2, M4 3, M4 4, M4 5, M4 6, M4 7, NE66 5, NE69 7, NE70 7, NE71 6, PA20 0, PA20 9, PA21 2, PA22 3, PA23 7, PA23 8, PA24 8, PA25 8, PA26 8, PA27 8, PA28 6, PA29 6, PA30 8, PA31 8, PA32 8, PA33 1, PA34 4, PA34 5, PA34 5, PA34 5, PA35 1, PA37 1, PA38 4, PA41 7, PA42 7, PA43 7, PA44 7, PA45 7, PA46 7, PA47 7, PA48 7, PA49 7, PA60 7, PA61 7, PA62 6, PA63 6, PA64 6, PA65 6, PA66 6, PA67 6, PA68 6, PA69 6, PA70 6, PA71 6, PA72 6, PA73 6, PA74 6, PA75 6, PA76 6, PA77 6, PA78 6, PA80 5, PA80 5, PA80 5, PH1 4, PH10 6, PH10 7, PH11 8, PH12 8, PH15 2, PH16 5, PH18 5, PH19 1, PH20 1, PH21 1, PH22 1, PH23 3, PH24 3, PH25 3, PH26 3, PH30 4, PH31 4, PH32 4, PH33 6, PH33 6, PH33 7, PH33 7, PH34 4, PH35 4, PH36 4, PH37 4, PH37 4, PH38 4, PH38 4, PH39 4, PH40 4, PH41 2, PH41 4, PH42 4, PH43 4, PH44 4, PH49 4, PH5 2, PH50 4, PH6 2, PH7 3, PH7 4, PH8 0, PH9 0, PR3 3, TD10 6, TD11 3, TD13 5, TD5 7, TD5 8, TR21 0, TR22 0, TR23 0, TR24 0, TR25 0, ZE1 0, ZE1 9, ZE2 9, ZE3 9.


Under Consumer Regulations you have the right to cancel your order as long as you do so no later than 14 days after the day on which you receive the goods or service. Please be aware that your right to cancel does not apply to certain goods that we sell, for example, items made to your order, such as photo gifts and made to measure curtains, fresh flowers, perishable food items, unsealed toiletries and cosmetics, or pierced earrings. You must inform us of your wish to cancel in writing either by letter, email or by using the cancellation form on the website or call 0121 525 7376#within a period of 14 days beginning on the day after the day you receive your goods. You must take reasonable care of the goods and not use them. You should return goods to us in their original packaging, wherever possible, within 14 days of informing us of your wish to cancel. If you return goods to us, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage to them during transit and we recommend that you use a recorded or secure delivery method. If goods are lost or damaged in transit, we may charge you, or not refund to you, amounts that are attributable to the loss or damage. We cannot accept substitute or alternative items by way of returns nor are we able to send them back to you, so please look closely at the items you return to us. If you return or attempt to return substitute or alternative items you will still be responsible for paying for the original item purchased and we reserve the right to charge an investigation fee of no less than £35 to cover the cost of our investigating the position. We can offset this amount due from other sums that may be due to you for refunds etc. Accepting returned goods and/or crediting an account does not constitute a waiver of our right to charge an investigation fee. For full details of your rights under the Consumer Protection Regulations, please contact your Citizens Advice Bureau or a Solicitor.

a) Our Courier

To make a return by courier, contact your courier directly (they will leave a number with the delivery), call 0121 525 7376#, contact us online to arrange for your courier to collect the items from your home. Items left for the courier to collect are left at your own risk. There is a charge of £3.99 for this service if you return all of your order. This will be applied on the return of the final item from a single order, if items are not returned at the same time. If you paid for the order by credit/debit card, returns via courier are charged at £3.99. Any charges will be deducted from your credit/debit card prior to any refund.

b) Post

To return by post call 0121 525 7376# or Contact us to request a returns label, then take to your nearest post office.

Returns for Customers paying by Debit/Credit Card or PayPal

Please see EXCEPTIONS for items which cannot be returned to stores. Returns via our courier are charged at £3.99 per collection. Simply call 0121 525 7376#to arrange for a courier to collect the items from your home. Items left for the courier to collect are at your own risk. To return by post contact 0121 525 7376# and we will send you a label. Any charges will be deducted from your credit/debit card, PayPal Account prior to any refund.

Exceptions to the Returns Policy

The following exceptions apply to our standard returns policy. A non-refundable collection charge of £30.00 will be applied to large homeware, furniture and upholstery items if delivery is refused, or collection is requested, unless the product is faulty or does not fit the description given. No refunds or exchanges can be given on items made to your specification, such as digital photos and photo gifts and made to measure items, or on either unsealed sample pots or full-size pots of paint unless there is a manufacturing defect or the goods are not as ordered. For hygiene reasons, pierced jewelry items, cosmetics, toiletries and mattresses, cannot be returned if unwrapped or unsealed unless faulty. Perishable items such as food, plants, drinks and fresh flowers cannot be returned. Where a product has a security sticker warning that the product cannot be returned once the sticker is removed, a refund or exchange will not be given if the seal is broken except in accordance with legal rights. Gift cards/vouchers/vouchers cannot be returned or exchanged for cash. Returned items which are not in new or unused condition may not be fully credited to your account unless they are faulty.


UK, EU and Jersey. The prices shown are inclusive of any value added tax or sales tax. Due to circumstances beyond our control, prices may have to be altered up or down, including any alterations to the rate of value added tax or sales tax. The current price will be shown when you place your order. All prices shown are cash prices in sterling.


All products are sold on the basis that they are suitable for domestic use only. Please contact us for further information if you intend using any products in a business or public environment.


All orders for products are subject to availability. In the event of seasonal supply difficulties of fresh flowers, we reserve the right to substitute flowers and packaging of equal quality and value. For champagne or wine, vintages and labels may vary from those shown.

Color Reproduction

GJ Boon take great care with the colors used in the collections. The limitations of color reproduction and the individual color settings of your screen may mean a slight variation. Every reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the descriptions are accurate. However, specifications may change


If you do have a complaint please write to GJ Boon Customer Services, 133 Birmingham road, West Bromwich B71 4JZ or call 0121 525 7376 or mail GJ Boon welcomes and learns from complaints. We aim to deal with complaints speedily and sympathetically. All complaints are logged, investigated and replied to. Financial Complaints – Where complaints related to the consumer credit offer are not resolved to the customer's satisfaction the customer may have the right to refer their complaint, in writing, to the Financial Ombudsman Service, for independent investigation. Details will be provided as appropriate.


Our agreement with you is based upon English law and the laws applicable to this agreement are the laws of England and Wales.

Digital Photos and Photo Gifts

GJ Boon's liability to you in respect of your order (including in respect of delayed, corrupted, damaged and lost orders) is limited to the value of the order. If the images you submit are of value, or you are using the service for business purposes, such that, in the event your images were damaged, destroyed or lost, your loss would exceed that amount, you should take out the appropriate insurance at your responsibility. Your legal rights are not affected.
We recommend that before submitting digital images to us you retain a copy for yourself to use in the unlikely event of your images being lost or corrupted. In particular, whilst the web album service is intended to provide a convenient way of grouping your images and sharing them with others, it is not intended as stand-alone depository for your images and you should not rely on it as such. You should always retain your own copies of all images uploaded.

Delivery of prints
All prints will be delivered to the delivery address supplied by you during the registration process. Your order will be accepted upon GJ Boon notifying you by email that your order has been accepted and has agreed to supply the prints, greetings cards and/or photo gifts to you.
Time for delivery of photos and photo gifts is an estimate only and it is not a condition of this agreement.

Delivery time varies depending on the product. For prints it should take 2-7 working days, for all other products, please allow up to 12 working days.

If your products haven't arrived within the relevant time period for your order, e.g. a 16x24 Canvas can be up to 12 working days from time of order, then please check with your local sorting office to see if they are holding any packages for you. Otherwise, please contact us with your order number and full address.

Returns and cancellations
You hereby consent to the GJ Boon photo printing services commencing immediately and as such you will not have a right to cancel your order. However, in the event that you are unhappy with any aspect of our online print services, you will be entitled to send the prints back to GJ Boon within 30 days of receipt whereupon GJ Boon will provide a full refund of the purchase price. Due to the personalized nature of photo gifts and greetings cards, we are unable to offer refunds on these items, except where we are required to do so by law. Your legal rights are not affected by this section. If you believe your item is faulty after 30 days or you have any questions, please contact 0333 777 4510# or send an email to customer_team@GJ Your legal rights are not affected.

Illegal use
You warrant that you will not use any of the photo printing services for any fraudulent or illegal purpose and that you will not submit any image that:

is unlawful, pornographic, indecent, defamatory, offensive, obscene, otherwise objectionable or harmful to (or which depicts harming) children in any way; or

would constitute, assist or encourage a criminal offence, violate the rights of any party, or that would otherwise create liability or violate any local, state, national, or international law; or

infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual or proprietary right of any party; or

Use the service to transmit or invite access to any images described in paragraphs (a) through (c) above.

and you accept and undertake that you will be liable for any action taken against GJ Boon in relation to such activities and will fully indemnify GJ Boon against all actions, claims, demands or costs which may arise as a result.

Right to decline
GJ Boon reserves the right to decline to print or return any image.

Intellectual property rights
You warrant that you are the owner of the copyright in any material that you send to us for reproduction.

Without prejudice to the first paragraph of the Digital Photos and photo gifts section, (general liability statement) above, GJ Boon's liability to you shall be limited to the sum of £50 for any one incident or series of related incidents and up to a total of £100 for all incidents in any period of twelve months.
Without prejudice to the first paragraph of the Digital Photos and photo gifts section (general liability statement) above, GJ Boon shall not be liable for any economic loss, profits or anticipated savings, any loss of goodwill and reputation or any loss of data or any consequential loss as a result of breach of contract and/or negligence.

Your legal rights are not affected by this clause.

Personalized Item Refunds
Your rights to return the goods to us will not apply in the following circumstances:

Any products that we have made, personalized or customized specifically for you.

If you have made a spelling mistake on your order and it has been sent for production.

If you return an item because of an error on our part, or because it is defective, we will happily refund the full value of the item. If you require a refund due to a defect, then you must request this within 30 days of receipt of the goods.

If you discover a defect after this time, please email us:

By the very individual nature of personalized products, they cannot be re-sold, and therefore we cannot accept returns or offer an exchange if you have a change of mind.