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Special Dates

Gifts for special dates

There are days and special dates in a year that one must not forget. These are the occasions for celebration and for giving gifts to the near and dear ones. GJ Boon offers a variety of gifts for these special days.

Great wedding anniversary gifts

At GJ Boon you will find the right wedding anniversary gifts for your loved one, because a special day also requires a special gift. Surprise the newlywed couple or your husband or wife with great wedding day gifts that are not only extraordinary, but also special. Show your love or the esteem you hold for your partner with romantic gifts and surprise them with unique ideas. Why don't you surprise your partner with an extraordinary gift for your wedding anniversary day? In our collection of wedding anniversary gifts, you will find romantic gifts or personal items that are especially meant for your loved one.

Be inspired by the many wedding day gifts and make the upcoming wedding anniversary day a very special one. Here, you can also search in our online gift shop in wedding gifts section, because many of those gifts are also quite a good fit for the wedding anniversary gift as these can be romantic or playful, and guaranteed to be liked.

 A wedding anniversary day that will remain in your memory. Once you have found the right gift, simply add it to your shopping cart with a single click. Afterwards you have the possibility to either go to the checkout or select further wedding day gifts.

Birthday gifts: discover wonderful presents now

 For each relative and also for the dearest friend it is once in the year that the birthday may be celebrated! Everybody loves birthdays and it gets particularly exciting when it comes to choosing a suitable gift for the birthday. Can it be an unusual gift? Perhaps a useful birthday present? Sometimes it takes a long time to find the right gift or gifts and you wander aimlessly through the shops. A wine? A wine glass? A set of new glasses? Chic decoration made of wood? You just can't find the right one for the person you want?

 This problem is now a thing of the past, because in our online shop you will find many gift ideas for a birthday present that will certainly inspire. Whether you are looking for a romantic gift for your partner or a fancy accessory for your spouse, an original idea for men or women, a nice and funny idea for money gifts or a personalized photo frame gift for a very special person. With us you will quickly find individual and fun birthday gifts! You can also use our online search function to further narrow down your gift search for the birthday and easily sort by price. Be inspired, discover new gifts and have fun giving away great birthday presents!

Engagement gift ideas

 When a couple gets engaged, there's something to celebrate. On this occasion, the future bride and groom are presented with engagement gifts. Many people pose the question to themselves: "What should I give as a gift for an engagement?" Here at GJ Boon, you will find great ideas for engagement gifts.

 The engagement is the first step

 An engagement is considered the most important harbinger of an early marriage. Don't underestimate the value of this event - and don't forget to look for a suitable gift idea to surprise the couple. You don't have to think long, you will come across many great ideas for engagement gifts here at GJ Boon. If you are looking for an engagement gift for your partner as a small "proof of love", then you should definitely pay attention to the personal touch. This gives the engagement gift its very special charm. Looking for engagement gift ideas for friends or relatives? Perhaps you are even a best man or maid of honour? Of course, you can also divide the gifts and look for gifts for the woman, the man or even both partners. It is important that all components work harmoniously in the end and mesh together. If your engagement gift can fulfil these objectives, then you can be very satisfied with yourself - and the future couple will certainly be delighted!

 Romantic engagement gifts

 As an engagement is an expression of love between a couple, giving romantic gifts to them is certainly a good idea. As an example, lanterns always exude a special fascination and there is a reason why they belong to numerous celebrations and occasions. Especially people in love do not want to do without the romantic light emitted by lanterns. On a cozy summer evening, the lantern will provide many perfect moments in romantic candlelight. There are many other romantic gift ideas that you will be able to uncover when going through our website. Enjoy discovering!

Graduation gifts

Gifts for students who have graduated need to be uplifting and full of enthusiasm and hope. It is important that your chosen graduation gifts express joy and pride. For a successfully completed doctorate or a bachelor’s or master's degree, for example, you can give them a doctoral hat. A nice gesture to express your congratulations on passing the exam. Graduation gifts can be found on our website.

One way of showing your affection for the graduating person is to help with the accessories as well as the decorations for the graduation party. GJ Boon offers many gift articles for party decoration as well as articles for the graduating person and their friends coming to the party. Have fun!

Gifts for St. Patrick’s

St Patrick's Day is the Memorial Day of the Irish bishop Patrick, who probably lived in the 5th century and is regarded as the first Christian missionary in Ireland. His date of birth and death are not known, and the date of 17th March for the day of death first appeared in the 7th century. St. Patrick is worshipped as a saint in the Catholic Church and St Patrick's Day is celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church of Ireland on 17 March. Since the saint is considered the patron saint of Ireland, the feast of the saint is a high festival in the Irish regional calendar. But the celebrations and festivities have now become a part of the culture in UK, USA and many other countries all over the World where Irish immigrants have settled.

 On 17 March, green is the dominant colour for Irish celebrants around the world. This is why most of the gifts have the colour green. Be they wearables or accessories, green is the dominant colour. GJ Boon supports the Irish community and well-wishers on ST Patrick’s Day. In March, you will find a selection of gifts to make it a really joyful celebration.

Sweet sixteen birthday celebration gifts

Are you looking for a nifty gift for a girl or a boy for their 16th birthday? In this category you will certainly find what you are looking for. We have arranged a separate category for birthday gifts especially for this age group and are pleased to present you a generous selection of high-quality products. Whether you want to give a present to your daughter or son, a girlfriend or your brother - the assortment contains many clever gift ideas to make your loved ones happy.

Does the person you want to give a present to have certain preferences, such as gadgets or cosmetic items? We offer you a practical way to search and browse through gift articles. This way you can find great presents for the lucky one with the 16th birthday even faster and more conveniently and prepare a surprise for young people that is guaranteed to go down well.

Valentine's Day gifts to fall in love with!

The most beautiful gift ideas for Valentine's Day for your unique "Day of Love". Shortly after Christmas, Valentine's Day follows on 14 February. This day is dedicated to the romantic love between couples and is becoming more and more popular year after year. And almost everywhere in the world! So, don't miss to show your love to your sweetheart on this day and spoil him or her with love and affectionate gifts.

 Sometimes the familiar is also the best and that's why it has been on the top ranks of the best gift ideas for Valentine's Day for so long. If you know that your partner is most excited about sugar-sweet Valentine's Day classics, you can't get past these wonderful ideas:

  • Red roses - a hit as a bouquet or individually!
  • Pralines and chocolate - the delicious seduction...
  • A romantic dinner - for pure togetherness.
  • The cinema visit for two - an all-time-favourite!
  • A walk hand in hand - peace that connects.

 But if you don't want to fall back on the classic Valentine's Day gift ideas, but want to make individual hearts leap for joy, we have many unusual ideas for you. The most important thing is that your gift has a personal touch. Just be inspired by love and let your imagination run wild while you browse for Valentine’s gifts on our website!