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Individual gifts for important occasions

There are so many different occasions to give presents to your loved ones and so many great gift ideas that you can't go wrong with. Of course, it always depends on the preferences of the person receiving the gift or on the occasion on which you want to surprise a good friend.

 Baby shower gifts for Mom, Dad and the baby

 You can order high-quality and original Baby Shower gifts, tasty guest gifts, gifts for pregnancy, small gifts for expectant parents and useful gifts for the day of the birth so that it leaves a lasting memory with the parents.

 Whether for mum, baby or baby party guests - here at GJ Boon you are guaranteed to find a fitting baby shower gift. From practical gifts for the expectant mum, to cute accessories for the baby and the first nursery, to small guest gifts to thank them for coming to the Baby Shower, you will find a large selection of loving products here.

 Whether you are invited to a baby party and would like to bring a beautiful present to your pregnant girlfriend or whether you are the Mum with the baby looking to organise a baby shower party, you will find many gift ideas here to please you and your friends. You have come to the right place. Take a look at our carefully selected products and sweeten the last weeks of pregnancy for Mommy and the time after birth for the new parents!

Christmas gifts - unusual Christmas presents for the festive season with the best gift ideas

 Do you remember the most beautiful Christmas presents you've ever received? Or the worst? Sure! Although special Christmas gifts are by far not as important as the rest of the festivities, it makes a huge difference whether you get a nice Christmas present or a bad one. The reason for it lies to a large extent in the fact how family and friends have thought about Christmas presents - or not. Nothing gives more pleasure than unpacking a Christmas present that is made for you!

 From all the things we have found under the Christmas tree, we have worked out a set of criteria that helps to find a Christmas gift idea goes down well and when not. In our opinion, there are a total of seven criteria that help finding the right Christmas presents for family and dear ones easier. It is difficult to have all seven criteria apply to any one gift, even if you are the most creative of a person. We believe that for your family and friends the gift should fulfil at least two points on the list of criteria listed below.

What to give for Christmas?

 At Christmas, you should give something that fits into at least two of the following criteria:

1. Cool

2. Personal

3. Original

4. Romantic

5. Special

6. Practical

7. Delightful


1.       Cool Christmas presents:

Funny and unusual Christmas gifts with a wink are very popular! We have so many gifts that can be a real cause for fun – just have a look and you will be amazed at the humorous, unusual, creative and cool Christmas surprises that we have collected for you.

2. Personalised Christmas presents

These are special gifts that are tailor-made for the person receiving the gift. Individually designed and uniquely different gifts with details or use that fits with that person. Finding such a gift might not be the easiest thing to do on a website like this one, but you can always find a gift and then have it be engraved with the name of a person, or you can combine it with something that belongs to the person receiving the gift to give it a real personised touch.

3. Original Christmas gifts

By this we mean a gift related to the interests and hobbies of the Christmas gift recipient - gifts like the football remote control, the master grill case, the original baking tin, ... Leisure and hobby is one of the areas in which you'll find what you're looking for

4. Romantic Christmas gifts

Now romantic Christmas gifts or even nostalgic ideas for Christmas are in demand - gifts that make you happy! We have gifts here with a romantic flair, or even Christmas gifts with a retro factor that remind of a nostalgic time in the past 

5. Special Christmas gifts

If you want Santa Claus to put a special creative gift under the Christmas tree, just browse through our gift sections! Here you'll find the finest living ideas, great accessories and just the right quality gifts for life.

6. Practical Christmas presents

Besides being absolutely surprising, the Christmas gift can also be practical! Why not? Socks with a special motif are practical. So can be cushions, for example, the cloth holders, organizers or a small garden furniture. Ingenious practical products that amaze! These Christmas gifts are great to use.

7. Delightful gift ideas

Everyone likes to be delighted and a gift that fulfils that can’t be wrong! You can buy a gift here that you know will appeal to a person and then add an experience you will share with the person to make the whole thing delightful. So, for example, you could offer a kitchen decoration piece with the offer to cook dinner with the person’s favourite dish!

Gifts for Father's Day

Father's Day should not be forgotten. On this day we honour our fathers and give them a day off and pamper them.

People all over the world celebrate their fathers as the Father's Day has already become an international tradition. On this day we also have to say 'Thank you' to our father. And what better way to do that than with a great Father's Day present? Whether masculine, useful or original to match the Father's Day – you shall find the perfect gift from our collection of presents for men at GJ Boon. 

We have diligently created a collection of original gift ideas that you could use on Father’s Day to make a memorable present to your Dad with some real "men's gifts". For example, give him a wine bottle holder and treat your Dad to a few very special drops!

Presents for Father's Day

What better occasion than the anniversary of all fathers to tell them in an extraordinary way how much we love them? We used to paint mum and dad hearts and flower pictures or build a big sandcastle for them. Today we are looking for other ways to tell Dad that he is really cool.

Love and affection for the father, as the strong man, sometimes comes too short. You want to say thank you to your dad with a great Father's Day present? For the fact that he is always there for you and will always be your great role model or your personal hero? We have prepared a large selection of Father's Day gifts for you. Is your dad a connoisseur, is he sporty or does he need a short break away from Mom again? The possibilities for Father's Day gifts are limitless. Especially nice for this occasion is a personalized gift with which you can send your dad a special message. Give him a personalized whisky glass or a photo frame with a photo of your shared experiences.

Our father is the hero of our childhood. Whether for the son or the daughter, Daddy is simply irreplaceable. Especially on Father’s Day you want to show him that again? Are you looking for a very special present for your Dad that really surprises him? You've come to the right place! In our large selection of gifts for the father you will surely find the gift that will make him happy. 

Mother's Day Gifts & Ideas

Mother's Day is a holiday to honour and give gifts to the mother and motherhood. But what is the best way to express one's gratitude? And what is the best way to spend Mother's Day? What kind of gift does Mom get off her stool or even drive tears of joy into her eyes? Whether a bouquet of flowers, a homemade cake or a homemade card: On Mother's Day many children want to honour their mother and thank her. A great Mother's Day present for everything that mothers do for the family. Here you will find the best, most beautiful and most unusual gift ideas to make your Mom happy on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day – Mummy is the best!

She is the first really important person in our life and usually she remains so for the rest of her life: the mother. The fact that a holiday takes place once a year in her honour is therefore justified, though many mothers do wish that every day has to be a Mother’s Day!

Did you know that Mother’s Day origins go back to ancient Greece. But much later, the Mother's Day idea was boosted in the 19th century from a women's movement in the USA and has spread from there bit by bit to all over the World? Since then our mothers have been honoured all over the world, in Asia, Africa, America, Australia as well as in Europe. In almost every month of a year there is Mother's Day somewhere in the world! Thus, the celebration of Mother's Day is a tradition that goes back over a hundred years and is still contemporary today. No matter how old we are, we are all children of one mother and Mother's Day is a family day.

Since our birth, our mother has been there for us, no matter if we are ill, need help or just an open ear. Therefore, both dad and the children want to express on this day what mum means to them and how grateful they are to her.

We want to support you with some gift ideas for Mother's Day, because our mothers are the heroines of everyday life!


For the things in life for which there is no preparation, she stands by you and is your rock in the surf. You call your mother when you are sad, need advice or have great news. When you're sick, she knows what's good for you. Your mother supports you in everything you are or want to be. She gives you hugs when you need them most, gives you warmth, security, trust and security. 

The variety of Mother's Day gifts

There are many ways to make your mother happy on Mother's Day. But it's important that you choose something that really goes to your mom's heart and doesn't just give something because you "have to" do it. For example, combine the new with the proven. Meanwhile the classic flowers are delivered on Mother's Day in great sets, e.g. with a bracelet or together with a candle.

Let yourself be inspired by our fancy Mother's Day gift ideas or take a look at our gift ideas for women to see if you can find something suitable. There are many popular classics of Mother's Day gifts – and several of them you will find here on our online gift shop.

Halloween Gifts 

On October 31st it's time to order creepy Halloween gifts for children and adults online. This time, celebrate Halloween like never before. 

The foliage is already colourful, and the days are getting shorter - autumn is approaching inexorably and preparing us for the cold season. But there is no time to grieve after summer and to fall into winter blues - autumn has a lot to offer! One of the central events of this season is Halloween, the day of ghosts, witches and monsters. Originally from America, the festival has become popular in many countries is now celebrated by some very elaborately. Not only children love to slip into costumes, to put on make-up and to teach their neighbours the creeps while hunting for sweets, also more and more adults find pleasure on this day.

Halloween Decorations

The best way to create an eerie atmosphere is to decorate your home. With scary decoration placed in the hallway, you can frighten your guests for the first time shortly after entering your home. The second shock occurs when you let your visitors drink red coloured drinks from creepy cups or glasses. With such a setup, horror factor is guaranteed! 

Halloween Party: The mood must be right

So many things that you need for a successful Halloween party can be found online at GJ Boon. Creepy Halloween decorations, autumnal pumpkin figures, Halloween make-up and costumes as well as accessories are just some of the things you need for a creepy party.

Halloween gifts and souvenirs

You're not hosting your own party this year, but are invited to a Halloween party and still need the perfect present for your hosts? So that you always have the right creepy items at your side on this special day, there is a large selection of unusual Halloween gifts available here at GJ Boon.

 Gifts for the hen night

 What does it take to celebrate a hen night perfectly? - Of course, unusual gifts for bride-to-be and for all the hens in the cohort! GJ Boon offers you a large selection of exclusive gift ideas for this special occasion. Have a look around, because our huge assortment has a lot to offer! The whole team at GJ Boon wishes you a lot of fun while giving and celebrating!

 Hen night party

 Let it be a blast of fun on your hen night party! Thanks to a large selection of unusual gift ideas that we have put together for you. You will find everything you need for a successful hen night party. Original hen night party gifts are easy to find here so you can focus on other important things. Have fun giving and or organising!

 Unusual gift ideas for a hen night party

 Now, the time has come that one of your friends will marry, but before that happens, the bachelorette celebrates being single one last time properly in freedom. Unusual gifts belong to a successful farewell to being single for the bride-to-be and her friends. Get the right inspiration in our gift shop and enjoy the great evening.