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Gothic Fantasy

Gothic gifts for her & him – Here are some gothic gift ideas

In this brief guide and introduction for a layperson to choosing the right gothic gift for someone with a gothic lifestyle, we will first address the main question that springs to mind of a non-goth.

What is the gothic scene all about?

"Goths" - that's what the followers of Gothic culture call themselves - are usually easy to recognise. Most wear clothes with predominantly black or earthy dark colours. That is why people often refer to them as the friends of darkness with the black attitude towards life. Ask a goth why and they will respond by saying they do not exclude death from life! They weave the darkness of death into their everyday life and make it beautiful.

Hence, the dark clothes of many goths can be a total work of art. Plenty of studs could complement their dark outfits around the neck and wrists, earrings and a nose ring. Their fingernails could be black lacquered, with the hands lavishly ringed and accentuated with net fabric. Obviously, clothing tastes and preferences vary from goth to goth.

For many goths, their appearance is very important to them. They do not want to keep people at a distance or provoke them with their clothes - on the contrary. They are happy to talk with others about their looks. They know they are different and that's what their outfit expresses, thus formulating a basic principle of gothic: individualism. Black as a colour of thoughtfulness and seriousness connects the followers of the scene, but the expression and style are - like people themselves - very different.

For some, gothic is a holistic philosophy that contributes to a positive change in their life. But what exactly is gothic? This question is not so easy to answer because the subcultures are made up of various splinter groups. It is not a homogeneous movement with universal philosophical, religious, political or ethical beliefs. Therefore, you will find a large range of gothic tastes, styles and preferences. Nonviolence and tolerance, are, however, a strong, unifying element. Peaceful, but also unapproachable and unreal – that is how members of the scene are often perceived from the outside. Indifference and the longing for death are also characteristics associated with the goths by outsiders. But many goths deny this, however. The scene has no missionary character. It is possible that this is confused with indifference. They believe everyone should be able to do what one wants as long as one doesn't harm oneself or others.

Goths tend to become more tolerant through their belonging to the gothic scene. As one goth put it: "We reflect, both positively as well as negatively, when giving feedback - without being offended. We also speak honestly with each other about our sensitivities. We just talk openly about things when we are not feeling well."

Many people enter the gothic scene through music which ranges from "black romantic" with depth and dreamy sounds and lyrics with substance to "hard sound" with drastic cruel words and abyss of the human soul.

Selecting gothic gifts and ideas for him and her

With the above description of the gothic scene, it becomes clear that gothic gifts embody the surreal. Gothic gift ideas for him & her can include, but not limited to, gothic fairies figurines, fantasy ornaments, alternative sculptures, gothic accessories, dragon gifts, dragon ornaments and accessories, skeletons, skull ornaments, witch figurines, fallen angel figurines, medieval gifts, large and small fairy statues, mystic aura throws, trinkets, keyrings, myth and magic themed presents, gothic jewellery boxes, candle holders and incense burners, clocks and calendars, wolf figurines, furry bones collectables, gothic alchemy themed giveaways, pendants, necklaces, gothic girl figurines, pewter goblets, wall plaques made of metal or earths, grim reaper gifts, steampunk gifts, samurai figurines, spiritual and animal figurines, candles, incense sticks, cones, crystal clear pictures, Game of Thrones themed gifts, Buddha statues, ceramic home decoration articles, oracle cards, unicorn figurines, dinosaur figurines, Hamsa themed articles such as amulets, jewellery and wall hangings.

Many followers of the gothic scene also love gothic themed board games such as fantasy chess sets, toys and card games.

There are several artists exuberant about gothic themes and their artistic works such as canvas pictures, wine and champagne glass collections, spirit boards and prayer boards make a great addition to a goth's home. Artists whose works are well liked by the goths include Anne Stokes, Andrew Bill, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Lisa Parker, James Ryman, Ed Beard Jr, LA Williams, Amy Brown, Selina Fenech, and Ruth Thompson, to name just a few from numerous artists creating their gothic artistic works worldwide.

Occasions for giving gothic gifts

The goths come in all ages - from the really young to the really old. So, besides looking at gothic gifts for an adult consider also babies, children, teenagers as well as seniors for receiving your gothic gift. And there are plenty of occasions and life events for making a goth really beam with happiness upon receiving a present from you: Starting from gothic wedding gifts, there are also gothic anniversary gifts to consider with Valentine's Day gifts in between. Do not forget that you can also give a gothic Mother's Day or Father's Day gift. For your friends and dear ones, you can choose a gothic birthday gift or you can find any other reason or no special reason at all to make it a great day for a goth!

Matching your gothic gift to the goth's preferences and outlook

As mentioned above, like all people in general, any one gothic person does not follow just one kind of a standardised approach with the exact same metaphysical, spiritual, political or moral beliefs. Therefore, you are well advised to find out a bit more about the gothic style, taste and likings of the person you wish to give a gothic gift to. Observe the kind of clothes they wear, the articles they carry with them and engage them in a conversation about their outlook and which gothic music or art they like. If you know the person well, a visit to their home will give you lots of clues about their likings and lifestyle. Armed with more information and insight, you will be able to give the best unique befitting gothic gift to the lucky recipient.