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Wall clocks, kitchen clocks and pendulum clocks as gifts

Many people perceive it to be difficult to find and choose gifts for others. Particularly on special occasions, one often has the desire to give pleasure to friends, partners or family members, and to give them something they can keep and enjoy for a long time. A clock, for example, is such a present. Modern clocks are chic, accurate and of high quality, but at the same time useful in everyday life. The recipient will look at the clock regularly and may thereby even think of the person who gave that clock as a gift.

We have added several wall clocks into our online collection of gifts for you.

Wall clocks are a classic among the many possible wall decorations. Already our grandparents were often proud owners of beautiful and high-quality wall clocks. There are also among the wall clocks a variety of different versions and variants. From the modern and simple kitchen clocks to the classic pendulum clocks to the rather outdated cuckoo clock, which can be not only in design, but also in sound far superior to the other clocks. But also, the pendulum clocks with the classical beating pendulum have their charm for decades and will always remain popular. In modern households, kitchen clocks can often be seen in the style of station clocks. They are available in white or black, extremely simple in design and therefore timeless as a kitchen clock.

If you want to give a wall clock as a present, you should pay attention to a few things. Of course, the wall clock is mainly used to read the current time of day or night. But don't forget that these products can also have a great look and therefore serve well as wall decoration. If your current wall clock is too boring or monotonous, you will surely find a product here at GJ Boon that will make your wall decoration more interesting.

We have very decorative wall clocks to choose from, which can become a real highlight in any room. Not only do these wall clocks look chic, they will also draw attention of a guest and will become a topic of conversations. For example, there are wooden clocks, as well as clocks that are shaped like a glass or bottle or some utensil. Then, for families with children, there are also a host of child-friendly clocks that could be offered as a present.

But there have been trends in the past where you could purchase a special clock that, for example, ran backwards to give the impression that time is coming back instead of being lost forever. Then there were those special clocks that looked like the "Big Ben" and were meant for those people who had an affinity for anything British.  

For music aficionados, there are wall clocks that have musical notes on them or the clock looks like a turntable. Then for people who love travelling, there are wall clocks that have themes with images of popular cities. Have a look through the collection of our wall clocks to see which ones are currently available and how they fit with the taste and lifestyle of the person you are planning to give a gift.

With the larger wall clocks and pendulum clocks, space is also important. Because the pendulum must be able to deflect without any pressure, so that the pendulum clock also functions. In addition, the rather massive pendulum clocks quickly seem out of place if they do not get enough space as a decorative element.

Even the extra-large sized wall clocks need some space on the walls. These are also available from time to time in various designs and colours. These models in extra-large size have been very popular and can be purchased in various motifs. As the time display and time reading is made of extra-large sized numbers, time-reading on these wall clocks is of course especially easy and fast. These beautiful extra-large sized wall clocks are fun.

If the person receiving the gift from you has a rather apartment or house and there is not so much space on the walls, you should perhaps decide to go for a smaller modern wall clock as a gift. This way, the recipient will be able to choose to hang the wall clock at several of the places in their home from living room, hall-way, bed-room to the kitchen. As we live in a world where time is money, having quick access to the current time is more than a necessity. That is why, it is not uncommon for people to have several wall clocks in several locations of their home. Having a wall clock in the kitchen or dining room can thus be very helpful as people do spend a lot of time there every day.

For fans of special or novelty gifts, we also have cool wall clocks with modern designs and symbols. For the vintage fans there are different versions of retro wall clocks for kitchen or living room. With these gifts you certainly make the receiver a very special joy, because these wall clocks do not hang in all households and are more than decorative. If you or the recipient prefers a digital wall clock, we recommend choosing a table clock instead of a wall clock. Also, for children you will find cool wall clocks in our assortment. How about a clock in the shape of a cat or a modern kitchen clock or a wall clock with drawings and child-friendly motifs?

Wall clocks are also available in different materials. At GJ Boon, depending on the status of our ever-changing wall clock collection, you will find a wide range of wall clocks made of wood, copper, metal, glass or break-resistant plastic – which can be good for households with children. The best way to find the right gift for wall clocks for you and your recipient is to have a look at our online shop. Depending on the material and design, the prices vary of course. We hope you enjoy your search for the perfect wall clock gift.