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Home Gifts

Home Gifts – Happiness starts at one’s home

The most beautiful home gift ideas for any home that is a to be a joy to live in: cuddly cushions, stylish lamps beautiful picture frames and so much more.

Exciting gift ideas for home & living

A person's home says a lot about their personality. Is there chaos or does everything have a fixed place? Is value placed on colour-coordinated decoration or is it put together with mixed colours or in a cosy manner? Where does one feel the most comfortable, if not at home? Help make your or your friend’s home an absolute oasis of well-being with the right living utensils, home accessories and decorative items or bring an original gift from our home gifts section to the next gift-bearing ceremony or house move.

Dreamlike living accessories

GJ Boon has put together a selection of special home accessories that will make a home even more beautiful and give it a particular touch of its own! Redefine your home and create relaxing atmospheres, highly effective work areas, play worlds for the little ones and plenty of space for yourself and your life. At GJ Boon you will find ideal gifts for decoration fans.

That special gift for home

Each apartment, house or living space carries the very personal touch of its occupants. The great decorative ideas and home accessories that you will find on our site will help you lend that certain touch, that something different. Make creative and unusual gifts that also have a practical use and enchant your friends with the latest trends for living! Whether for the home office, the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen, or the garden, these gifts will make a home even more beautiful and liveable.

Home accessories - the stylish gift idea

The gift ideas that we have put together for you are all about small furniture and accessories that make living a bit sweeter. In our online shop you will find the most beautiful ideas for home decoration, lamps and candles, vases and doormats, just all products that make the home homelier. The fancy, noble or funny home accessories will certainly go down well as gifts. Whether cushions or bed linen, whether for the hallway or the bedroom, these home accessories will make your eyes shine for birthday or Christmas or any other life event or significant occasion.

Small furniture, decoration articles and home accessories

Giving accessories such as bags, mirrors, wall clocks or picture frames to make a home more beautiful and cosy is a great gift idea! Here in our online shop we have put together a different and unusual kind of a collection of home accessories: Inspire your friends and family with a curious mug, a kitchen decoration item, cushions or cushion covers, garden shelves and small furniture, a gift for a pet and so much more! The large selection of home accessories makes it easy to find the right gift.

Cushions and vases for feeling good

Pictures and lamps, clocks and vases - often even small gifts change the character of a living space in the most beautiful way. The selection of our home accessories is certainly suitable for this! Here at GJ Boon, we have even more categories around living, products for the garden, the kitchen, wall clocks or home office items – so that you don’t have to struggle to find the most suitable home accessories. Have a look. Also, great candles belong to the accessories with which you can make friends and acquaintances happy on their birthday or house warming party.

China ware and mirrors

Buying home accessories for others, be it the vase, the picture frame, the pictures themselves or beautiful decoration for the living area, is a question of style and taste. We have made the best preselection for home accessories gift ideas for you here with everything that excites as a gift for a home!

Furniture gift articles

Sweet decoration ideas for the bedroom or kitchen, china ware in many colours and designs, small wooden furniture and many other natural materials, our home accessories make for a good mood. We do our best, so our online gift shop makes it easy to find great new products and gifts - for every occasion, every taste and every recipient!

Gifts for the kitchen and dining table

Great kitchen utensils for every day: order the most original cups, glasses & spice mills online. We have practical, original and creative gift ideas for the kitchen and dining table

Gift ideas for kitchen & dining table inspire people who love to cook and who also have fun trying out new things. However, it is not easy to find an original gift for that next birthday, Christmas, Easter or your best friend's wedding. Moving into a new home is also a great opportunity for a loving gift that fits into modern kitchens. If you don't feel like rushing through crowded inner cities in search of a suitable gift, browse through our website here and you'll be thrilled by the wealth of ideas we've put together for you.

Home gifts for special friends

Most people are especially happy about a personalized gift, because it shows a special appreciation and effort in the selection of gifts. A beautiful and practical cutting board or a photo mug with the recipient's name will remind you every day how much thought you put into your choice.

You can choose from an incredible number of creative gift ideas. Let yourself be inspired by gifts that are certainly something very special, that are fun for the recipient and at the same time useful. The gift is quickly and easily added to the shopping basket and sent to you. Be inspired by the great ideas and look forward to the reaction of the recipient!

A great gift idea - Bath Accessories & Outfitting

In most households, the bathroom is considered a wellness temple and is not only useful for daily care, but also for relaxation. Shower and bath gifts are suitable as they will always be used. Either they serve as decorative items and beautify the bathroom, or they are simply useful. Gift ideas for the bathroom can be given away on many occasions. For example, as a house-warming gift for a newly occupied apartment as a fun souvenir not only for adults, but also for children. As you can see, there are many occasions when these gift ideas are suitable. Take the opportunity and make others happy with the great gift ideas for the bathroom.

Garden Gifts

Off to the outdoors with gifts for garden friends, garden gifts are a good idea for friends and family members who are hobby gardeners. Our garden gifts look great and are useful: flower pots, plant pots, watering cans, small garden furniture and so much more. Here you will find garden gifts that will also please the plant lover without a garden, because for inside there are great pots and vases as decoration.

Order your home gifts with ease

You can order the chosen gifts with just a few clicks. No matter for which occasion you are looking for the right gift, you will certainly find it here. Just have a look around the online shop and put the desired item in the shopping cart if you like it. After entering the personal data and the payment method, the order process is already completed and after a few days you will receive your gift.