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Baby Gifts

Babies might not be aware of Santa’s magic, but family and friends are sure to become Santa themselves during the first Christmas itself. Babies love new things, and with a plethora of gift options, one can ensure that the gift and the occasion suits each other. You can even fill in beautiful gifts for their birthdays, for festivals, and during memorable moments – their first food, first walk, first word etc.

You can check out baby gift ideas for infants and toddlers with unique things but it is preferable to opt for a site that delivers uniqueness with every gift being displayed on their portal.

Do you think that babies get thoughtful and unique gifts all the time? Hell no. Not every person understands that with every occasion, babies need to get fun and thoughtful gifts from everyone. GJBoon understands this fact and makes the job easier for many.

Best Criteria for Baby Gifts:

  • Gifts need to have great replay value so that they are not ignored after using them once or twice!
  • Baby Gifts should have long playing life and also should have some educational elements that offer brilliant bang for your buck.
  • These gifts need to be of varied types and styles so that babies do not get hung up on typical ones
  • Although babies need diapers and cleansers, they should not constitute gifts and one should stick with clothes and cool toys.

It is important people treat families with baby gifts that the babies can use. Alternatively, it is a good idea to gift something personal like family charm necklaces or combined t-shirt sets of a mother and child. Help parents to celebrate with thoughtful gifts that stretch their utility for years ahead, so with a variety of gifts, they can transition into their roles as parents easily.

Some Handy Baby Gift Tips

1. Dressing: Buy cute clothes based on baby sizes and one can do the shopping before the baby is born: You would need some clothes such as

  • Sleepsuits and bodysuits 
  • Socks and stockings
  • Scratch mitts for hands
  • Some caps
  • Blanket and swaddles

2. Nappy Changes: Parents find it quite natural changing baby’s nappy, after a point of time but if there are some nappies beforehand, it leads to fewer hassles:

  • Nappies of the correct size, based on baby’s age
  • Baby wipes and nappies for outdoor use
  • Changing mat with changers

Keep nappy bins handy with an ideal disposal system for discarding smelly nappies. Also, keep a diaper rash cream and a nappy cream especially for babies with sensitive bottoms who suffer from rashes off and on.

3. Bed Time: It is recommended babies sleep in the same room as the parents at least for the first six months:

  • Room Thermometer: A baby monitor helps parents to keep an eye on their babies as they sleep. After around six months, you can have a specific room for your little one. Have a room thermometer and a good quality cradle for maximum comfort of the baby.
  • A Baby Cot: The baby cot needs to have a waterproof mattress cover, sheets and swaddles

4. Toys: Your little one would love to spend time with toys and they will help with their development.GJ Boon offers several toy options for your baby.

5. Baby Safety: Baby-proofing the house involves doing away with large beds, no sensitive art pieces, and no important documents in close to the child. Children can feel comfortable to grow up if there are some things in place:

  • Stair gates and enclosed playpens 
  • Baby monitor 
  • Smoke detectors 
  • Plug socket covers
  • Short cupboards to house toys 
  • Furniture corner protectors 
  • Fire-guards

At GJBoon, it is important to understand that they have experience in handling online giftware for a long time. The site continues to introduce unique and good value products in a quick, efficient and timely manner. The site attends to multiple giftware requirements under one roof. The site also offers ideas that can aid in gifting babies the perfect things that they would love. The makers of the site are keen to consider the different interests that people have on a daily basis.

There's nothing as memorable and wonderful than welcoming a newborn baby to a family. Byg opting for adorable and unique baby gifts, families love to feel special during those moments. It is important to choose baby gifts that are quite fresh in ideas but one needs to keep in mind, that the gifts should suit the baby’s age too.

Personalised gifts serve as great mementoes of the occasion that are touching and perfect for showcasing special relationships. Add plates, milestone cards and other fun products along with a curated list of newborn baby gifts to your wish list. Share the wishlist with family and friends so that they can come up with their own version of the same thing too.