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Wedding Favors

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Favors showcase the thoughtfulness of the host for their guests for every event and occasion. It also means that the hosts value your presence for the occasion along with the support rendered during the occasion. Weddings are one of the most memorable occasions in one’s life and it is important to remember that tokens usually get left behind or discarded the next morning.

At most weddings, most families give a small memento as a token of appreciation to their extended family and friends. These wedding favors can be found in great variety and seldom in one place. They are though considered better choices than some small tokens that are discarded. Although wedding favors are great return gifts they do not need to be costly.

Some wedding favors can be homemade, but if one wants to spend on them, you can rely on the thought behind the favor for ideas. The focus of the wedding favor is precisely to thank all the people for turning up and the assistance they have given during the event.

Top Tips to Choose Wedding Favors:

1. Think Practically: Every gift or favor needs some thought behind it. Reflect on the favor that you would want to gift everyone for the wedding. Do you want the favor to be discarded in the trash? Absolutely not, so one should consider something that is wholly edible and practical. Some people love to opt for macarons and mini pies as favors while some who prefer to gift favors that are useful choose roasted coffee, acrylic frames or even a handy household item that is used daily.

2. Monogram: Resist putting the wedding date on the wedding favors. Personalizing favors puts most guests off and it is something they will pass on. Guests would love coasters but certainly would not like to use them if they feature a wedding picture on it. You can though add the personal touch on boxes, bags or labels without any problem.

3. Choose Meaningful Favors: Choose favors that mean something to your guests or something that most of them would love. If they prefer wine, you can gift Mini wine bottles as favors with interesting and personalized labels will go over big. Spend weekends choosing golf balls or custom tees that express thoughts of a unique heritage or a family recipe or even olive oil that can be found in your native hometown. You can even gift maple syrup bottles as favors or showcase a donation on the guests’ behalf.

4. Use DIY Favors: While DIY favors could be a way to save money, you can actually do a lot of things to gauge the right favor. It is difficult to assemble and wrap100-200 favors if you opt for homemade gifts. But they certainly are great enough to show all the guests how much they mean to you. Use your skills to make spice blends or combine kits as favors. Alternatively, cocktails and snacks added to bows or labels are welcome too.

5. Check Before You Buy: Once the favors are decided, choose favors based on quality - the truffles or sweets need to taste good while the handcrafted soaps should be subtle in their scent. Check if all personalized gifts are spelt and addressed correctly. Always plan ahead of the wedding, at least a month in advance to prevent any last minute changes.

6. Plan the Display: Favors can be handed out at the end of the wedding or when the guests are about to leave. You can even place those favors on their tables with pretty packages aligned with the theme of the wedding décor. Use a spotlight near the reception or at the exit gate to highlight the favors so that the guests do not miss out on anything.

7. Packaging: Personalized packaging goes a long way to make these favors a success compared to tiny tokens. From colorful boxes and slim silver canisters, packaging can enhance the favor’s impact by a lot.

GJBoon offers a comprehensive list of wedding favors along with a host of other giftware that is unique and personalized in more ways than one. With a decade of experience, the site presents a host of options under a single canopy without compromising on quality or experience for different moments and events.

Weddings are sacred occasions and a memory of two families and people coming together for a lifetime. With every gift, it is essential to signify the occasion with respect and uniqueness to convey how much thought is put in for making someone special. Also one can check out gifts, party emblems, favors and baby gifts that are unlike any gift you can find elsewhere. Choose from a range of options that are segregated in varied categories and gift your loved ones within the budget that you are comfortable with.