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Order Unforgettable Wedding Gifts Online

For the most beautiful day of a lifetime: Individual wedding gifts for men, women and friends.

Your best friend is getting married, or your cousin dares - and all you need is a little push in the right direction for your wedding gift? We would like to take this opportunity to help you find the right wedding gift.

Wedding gifts sometimes exert enormous pressure on the presenters - the gift should be valuable and original, with practical use, but not boring. It has to be personal, from the heart and yet unusual. Do not despair. You have already made the most important step: you are here with us. Welcome, sit back and let yourself be inspired by the best gift ideas for a wedding!

Finding personal and creative wedding gifts for couples is the be-all and end-all when you are invited to a wedding. The closer the bridal couple is to us, the more important the individual character of the wedding gift becomes. Here at GJ Boon, you will find a wide range of romantic wedding gifts and beautiful ideas for the celebration. Here you will find the perfect gift for both the bride and groom. Browse a little through our special wedding gifts and let yourself be inspired! You will find original, romantic, enchanting as well as practical and personal gifts.

Wedding gifts - classic or unusual?

When it comes to wedding gifts or anniversary gifts, you're spoilt for choice, but of course you know the couple best and that is why you will know which gift will suit them as soon as you see one.

The considerations don't start with the concrete gift: First of all you have to think about what kind of wedding gift you want to give away. Original gifts, witty and funny wedding gifts, or would you prefer something with a classic romantic touch?

Which one you choose, of course, also depends on the couple receiving the gift. A little tip: A good indication of what the couple likes best is the type of wedding celebration. Anyone who arranges these in a classic and traditional way will probably be happy with a romantic and beautifully designed wedding gift.

So, if you know, for example, that the couple would like an extended trip around the world, then perhaps a creatively chosen gift to accompany them to the honeymoon could be a good idea.

If the wedding is a bit out of the ordinary, the couple may be looking forward to some fun wedding surprises or unusual gifts for the wedding. One thing is for sure: If you take a closer look around in our website, you are guaranteed to find an individual gift for the newly married couple.

Wedding gift - find ideas

In order to find the right beautiful gift, you should of course also take a look at the budget. Not only your own financial resources are important, but also what is customary in the bridal couple's environment. If you are unsure and do not want to be embarrassed, it might be a good idea to exchange notes with other guests who have a similar relationship to the couple as you do, and orient yourself on that!

In a second step you should try to find out the personal interests and wishes of the bride and groom. Do they perhaps save for their own home or do they already own everything they need to live? If the couple already has all the practical things of everyday life, it is a good idea to get inspired here in our online shop by our original and funny gift ideas for the wedding. A creative wedding gift will remind the couple of this beautiful day for many years to come. With our gift ideas you make everyone a joy and sweeten the wedding celebration!

Wedding gifts full of romance for the bridal couple

Wedding gifts can be anything - even romantic. Especially on this day, when we celebrate a feast in honour of the love of two people, romance must not be neglected. Whoever says that only couples can give something romantic as a gift is wrong. Why shouldn't any guest not be allowed to give the newly married a treat by giving them a little dose of romance through a romantic gift?

For more atmosphere: Ideas for wedding gifts, games and decoration

Wedding decorations with figurines in the form of bride and groom, ingenious games for the wedding party or funny stickers for the soles of the bride and groom's shoes - big wedding gifts are not everything, even with small things for the wedding you create a lot of good fun! So, if you're looking for "a little something to go with it", or are thinking about how you can make your loved ones shine, here's an extra tip: Look under wedding decoration. You will be inspired to see all the ingenious ideas we have in store to delight the wedding couple as well as the wedding guests.

Individual and personalised: the special wedding gift

Anyone who gives away personalised wedding gifts cannot do much wrong. Beautiful objects with the couple's name and wedding date or just a personal message for the wedding - that always appeals. Personalised wedding gifts shall always remain a beautiful reminder for the bridal couple of perhaps the most beautiful day in their lives. With our sometimes beautiful, sometimes fancy and original wedding gifts with personalisation, you give something very individual. This gift is guaranteed to be available only once in the world! Especially beautiful is our engraved glassware for the wedding, which can be decorated with the first names of the bride and groom as well as the wedding date.

Look through our wedding gifts to also discover other ways to personalise the wedding presents. These include personalised favors as well as screen-printed glassware.


We hope you have found ideas and inspirations for beautiful wedding gifts with engraving, individual gifts or wedding games. Finally, we hope you enjoy browsing our online gift shop. With our large selection of wedding gifts, you are sure to find what you are looking for - and give the couple something meaningful and appropriate for the occasion. Here's to a good start in a life together!