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  • Gift a picture or photo frame

    Here is all that you would possibly need to know about picture frames

    The picture frame is the outer border of pictures. Picture frames were originally of an architectural nature and were only used for altarpieces and other church paintings. They were partly made of wood, partly of marble, more rarely of metal. The wood was painted, first partially and later completely gilded, while the marble was initially painted and gilded, also provided with coloured decorations, and after the end of the 16th century was generally kept white. In the 16th century the picture frame was increasingly used for general decorative purposes and the earlier architectural character was gradually abandoned. The Baroque art of the 17th century and the Rococo art of the 18th century preferred only gold frames with rich, lavish woodcarving ornaments. In many parts of Europe, black and brown picture frames were still in use at the same time, some with narrow gold strips on the inner sides.

    Today the picture frame is a mass product and is manufactured industrially in large series. The dominant materials in the production of modern frames are wood, aluminium and plastic. Frameless picture holders are also widely used. These consist only of a glass pane, which is attached to the rear wall with metal clamps.

    To increase the effect of pictures and to protect the picture, passe-partouts are often used in addition to the frame.

    What may look like a simple item, picture frames are a rich topic. So, to help you choose the best picture frame as a gift, here is a list of topics that cover almost everything you would possibly need to know about picture frames.

    Acrylic glass/artificial glass

    It looks like real glass but is made of plastic. Its exact name is polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). For simplicity's sake it is also referred to as acrylic glass. But why use artificial glass when the original is so good and cheap? Above all, to save weight. Large picture frames often weigh a lot even without a glass lid. If heavy normal glass is added, it gets really heavy.

    The other advantages are also important: Acrylic glass is very break-proof - and it has blunt edges, so that the risk of injury is very low. For this reason, kindergartens, schools, other public institutions and households with children like to use acrylic glass.

    Aluminium frame

    Picture frames made with aluminium strips came into fashion in the 20th century. Since then, they have lost none of their charm. There are many reasons for presenting pictures in aluminium frames. First of all, the material has its own cool appeal. It is usually matt and light grey. But the surface can also be treated in a variety of ways. Anodising allows a completely different colouring, and there is also a whole variety of mechanical treatments available - from brushed aluminium to a special chemical surface treatment.

    There are also pragmatic reasons in favour of aluminium. It is stable, but very light. Aluminium is therefore often the better choice, especially for larger picture frames. It is easier to handle.

    Anti-reflective glass

    If you want to hang picture frames in a very bright room with direct sunlight, the choice of anti-reflective glass is probably preferable to classic clear glass. Antireflective glass is frosted with a micro-etch, which means that light rays hitting the glass are scattered. They reflect in many different directions. The optical effect is that the glass has an anti-reflective effect.

    But anti-reflective glass also has its disadvantages. If the image is not directly under the glass, lines in the image can be blurred due to the matting. This is because the glass loses its transparency the further away an object is from it. And the colours of anti-reflective glass are generally more matt than those of clear glass. Therefore, in a rather dark room without direct light irradiation, it is better to use clear glass.

    Baroque frames

    They are expansive, lavish and often painted golden. In short, they cannot be overlooked. Baroque picture frames have their historical model in the historical epoch of the Baroque, which in Europe for nearly 200 years determined what could be considered beautiful. From about 1570 to 1770 a powerful tendency towards exuberant, overhanging ornamentation became fashionable. The word baroque comes from Portuguese and means "strange, and not round". An opposite to the Renaissance with its linear, rectangular stylistic features. During the Baroque period swinging forms rounded inwards and outwards were in demand: domes, groups of columns, gables and window crowning. The highlight of the Baroque period was the magnificent court of the French King Louis XIV. The play with forms became increasingly wilder and culminated in the late Baroque period, also known as Rococo. Carved and gilded shell ornaments were now the must-have, along with asymmetrical lines. Tables, chairs or sofas were given s-shaped curvy legs.

    Because everything comes back and, better still, can be parallel to each other. At GJ Boon you will find some frames from time to time that remind of the Baroque period.

    Biedermeier frame

    Biedermeier (1815 to 1848) still has a negative aftertaste, but this time period, which has been criticized for being bourgeois and backward, has some beautiful sides. Picture frames in the Biedermeier style are very tasteful. In those days, what was in demand were no longer gold or other metals, but above all, natural colours that did not include just dark tones. There were only a few ornaments. The typical Biedermeier frame consists of flat square strips. Its corners are accentuated by "corner cubes" in contrasting colours. This frame form was mainly used for the presentation of graphics. Various veneer colours were used and various types of wood with varieties such as cherry, birch, pear and ash, but also precious woods such as mahogany.

    The striking thing about these rather simple frames was that the Biedermeier citizens thus set themselves apart from the aesthetics cultivated at the royal courts. This had never existed before. Painting and poetry also flourished in the Biedermeier period. For many arts and sciences in Europe it was a time of awakening with literary studies, folklore, natural science, and also philosophy.

    Clip-on frame

    Today almost all picture frames are removable frames. While it used to be more common to give large works of art their own custom frames, content and presentation are now more interchangeable. The picture frames are already designed so that you can easily remove the picture that is currently in the frame and replace it with a new one. Usually you remove the back, remove the picture and insert the desired new picture. In order for this to work quite simply, the manufacturers have come up with some clever constructions.

    As today almost every prefabricated frame is a removable frame, this designation would not really be necessary anymore. However, there is a special reason why it still appears occasionally: the manufacturer wants to emphasize that its frame is particularly robust and well manufactured and can therefore withstand many changes without showing signs of wear.

    Display frame

    In the daily use of display frames, it has turned out that, above all, they must have three characteristics: Good workmanship, good stability and a simple way to change frame content.

    Because in many shops display frames are used as stoppers in the truest sense of the word, not only does the customer ideally stop to take a look at the interesting offer that is currently being advertised, but it can also be a physical stop that stands in the way of the customer, because display frames can be massive constructions that confidently take their place on the sidewalk or in the pedestrian zone.

    If you also consider that stores like to present themselves accurately, solid workmanship becomes all the more important. Display frames have been in business for years and must always look good. Because the contents offered can change quickly - just think of the daily menu of a restaurant - the display frame should also have a very simple and quickly exchangeable system. Folding frames are usually used for this purpose: Open the folding frame, pull out the old offer, insert a new offer, close the frame and the job is done within seconds.

    Float glass, normal glass

    Float glass, also known as normal glass or basic glass, is produced industrially on a large scale and then cut into sheets. Float glass production is an endless continuous process. The liquid glass melt is continuously fed from one side to a bath of liquid tin. The glass floats on the tin. This process has been used since the 1960s. Around 95 percent of all flat glass panes are produced in this way, primarily window glass, car windows, mirrors - and of course glass plates for picture frames. These are usually ground at the corners so that the edges do not cut. Sometimes the term mirror glass is also used for float glass.

    Fold height

    The fold height is one of the finesses of picture frame measurement. Amazingly, the fold height and the fold depth are completely different things. The fold height indicates how deep the objects that are inserted into the frame may be. This is especially important for object frames: They are characterised by a particularly large fold height. A fold height of 9 millimetres is not unusual for object frames.

    Fold depth

    The fold depth describes the difference between the fold size and the light size. So the difference between the width and length available to the picture inside the frame and what you see outside of it afterwards. In practice, this is a measure that experts in particular need. And a completely different thing than the fold height described above.

    Fold size

    The fold size indicates how much space is available inside the frame for the image - both in length and width. Even if the image size is specified as A4, the folding size leaves one to two millimetres more space. So the picture does not have to be squeezed into the frame, and thus has enough space.

    Gallery rails

    Anyone who likes to redecorate knows it: frequent changes of picture frames and types of hanging can have unpleasant consequences for the wall. Dowel holes and nail holes have to be filled, possibly even wallpaper has to be reapplied. It is smarter and easier to fall back on gallery rails. They are fastened laterally on top at the wall. With special hooks are used to fasten threads to these rails with the other end again having hooks for the picture frames. These threads are as good as invisible and protect the wall. Gallery owners, photographers, artists and museums swear by it, because with gallery rails, new pictures of the most varied formats can easily be hung up and down again and again. Even heavy pictures hold up well if the rail is professionally attached.


    The hangers are usually small, inconspicuous and hidden behind the picture frame, but they are just as indispensable as the mouldings or the glass of a frame (unless you only want to put your picture on the floor). But for everything that needs to be fixed to the wall, you will need a hanger. There are many different types, depending on the construction, size, weight and purpose of the picture frame: folding eyes, semi-circular hangers, poster and calendar hangers, zigzag hangers, heavy-duty hangers and wire hangers. This variety can be confusing - that's why we endeavour to take away your stress at this point: Many frames that we supply come with the matching suspension with hanger already installed. Nevertheless, it can be useful for you to know what hangers look like and what they can do.


    Hardboard is often used for removable frames. They are also not unusual as picture carriers, for example when artists work with "oil on hard fibre".

    Hardboard panels consist of pressed wood fibres. They contain wood, straw or bagasse. On one side they are mostly smooth, on the other they are roughened. They are made of cellulose fibre. A wet production process is used for normal fibreboards. There is a reason why you see sieve-like markings on the back of the hard fibre: water is pressed through it during production. These boards are also often used in interior construction to seal damp rooms, formwork, doors and packaging. With certain additives, hardboard panels can be made to become less sensitive to water, moisture and fire.

    Impact metal

    The metal look is trendy, even with picture frames and offers a relatively inexpensive alternative to real metals such as gold leaf and silver leaf. The thin leaves are meticulously applied to the picture frame like gold leaf and gently worked into it, for example with a soft cloth or brush. This can be done on stretcher frames, on wood of picture frames, but also on stone, porcelain, glass and paper surfaces. Metal leaf is not as noble as real gold. But it can give the same high quality effect.

    Light measure

    The frame always covers a small part of the picture: three to six millimetres of the edge of the picture disappear behind a small projection. Thus the picture is kept in the frame and ends neatly with the frame bar. If there wasn't this projection in the border, then one would see the edge of the picture - the result is usually an unclean impression. This is why we speak of the light measurement: This is the image section that can still be seen in the frame - where light falls on it. If you have an image that shows an important detail at the edge, then the light measurement should deviate as little as possible from the image measurement - otherwise this part of the image may be hidden. Or you can choose the frame one size larger.


    Mitre is a joint made between two pieces of wood or other material at an angle of 90 degrees, such that the line of junction bisects this angle. One speaks of mitring not only with picture frames, but also with all kinds of material parts, which form a corner connection with each other. For example, you also have mitre in window frames. Since a square shape is usually preferred, the workpieces are cut to come together at an angle of 45 degrees. This is referred to as the angle bisector, because the 90 degree angle, which is so important, is halved.

    The 45 degrees create a diagonal in the two strips. They are made to fit exactly on each other. There are special mitre saws with fixed pre-set angles for this purpose. The mitre also has the advantage that the contact surface is larger than with a straight 90-degree cut. This provides more stability for the picture frame. And because the joint falls into an edge, it is less visible.

    If picture frames are mitred, this means that they have been sanded particularly thoroughly at the corners and painted over several times. This makes the transition between the two strips even less noticeable.

    Museum glass

    If you want the best for your picture, you can use museum glass for the presentation. It is produced in an elaborate process with the surface having an anti-reflective layer. At the same time, museum glass also protects pictures from the damaging influence of UV radiation. Since the process is very expensive, frames with museum glass are not cheap either. But this investment is worthwhile for valuable works of art. Just think of how long pictures hang in a museum, for example - often for years and decades - and yet they are not affected by the ravages of time. The glass is as good as invisible thanks to the anti-reflective coating. It looks as if the frame has no glass at all. The colours appear unadulterated and vivid.

    Object frame

    Beautiful pictures on the wall are already a great thing. But with object frames there are many more possibilities. Because not all memories are made of flat paper! For "three-dimensional" souvenirs, object frames are ideal.

    The special feature is a large distance between the pane and the back wall of the frame. Spacer strips ensure that the glass does not fall into the frame. All kinds of objects can be placed in the gap created in this way - if they fit the size. The deeper the selected frame, the more space there is for thick objects. At the same time, the frame protects its contents from dust or other damage. What can be placed in object frames? For example, particularly beautiful shells and stones, but also watches, figurines, coins, hand-signed jerseys, baby bibs and socks, dried flowers, pieces of jewellery and homemade collages. The list is unending.


    On the one hand, one can use a passe-partout to direct the view to the picture or work of art. It surrounds the picture and does not let it stick too tightly to the frame - one gets a more beautiful and better charisma of the work of art.

    On the other hand, a passe-partout is also used for a better fitting of a picture. Because it often happens that a picture does not fit exactly into the frame and thus an ugly border is created between the frame and the image. With a passe-partout, the border is cleverly covered.

    A further task of the passe-partout is the protection of the artwork from vapours from the frame wood. The passe-partout binds the pollutants and they do not reach the work of art or reach it in smaller concentrations. A perfect framing with a passe-partout creates an air chamber between the frame and the passe-partout. With this kind of correct framing a work of art can be preserved and protected.

    Picture size

    The format specifications of a picture commonly refer to the picture size. In this respect, the picture size is almost the measure of all things. But be careful: picture size is not the outside size of the frame!

    If, for example, a product description says A4, then the frame seldom has the outside dimensions of an A4 sheet. But it is meant to take a picture of that size. The outer dimensions can be much larger - just think of opulent baroque frames! The rare case where the outside dimension and the image dimension match can be found with frameless holders, such as clip frames.

    Photo frames / Portrait frames

    Photos make special demands on picture frames. One of them is that the frame should be comparatively small. The common photo formats, for example, are 7x10cm or 9x13cm. Sizes of 70x100cm are seldom requested as photo frames, because photo paper tends to become wavy with larger formats. Another detail of photo frames is that they often already come with a passe-partout, because a photo mostly looks better if there is some distance between the edge of the picture and the frame itself. Another common requirement is that there should also not be too much of space between the frame and the glass lid, so that the photo has a secure hold within the frame.

    Sawtooth Hangers

    They are attached to the back of the frame and become completely invisible after the picture has been hung: metal sawtooth hangers. They are mostly used for small to medium picture sizes. They are available in different sizes - sometimes only one sawtooth hanger is attached to a frame, sometimes there are two. This depends on the size and weight of the frame and picture. The practical thing about this type of hanging is that if the picture frame hangs a bit crooked on the wall, you can easily find a new equilibrium point with the help of the teeth, into which the nail then simply "snaps". Two sawtooth hangers are mostly used in heavier picture frames. Here, too, the zigzag sawtooth hanger offers the possibility of fine adjustment without having to be a genius craftsman.

    Stretcher frames

    Actually, the term stretcher frame is misleading, because it is not a picture frame! It is a construction that makes it easier for the painter to draw on canvas. The canvas is drawn without folds onto a wooden rectangle or square, so that the painter only has to prime and can then start painting. Many stretcher frames are already primed, which makes the work even easier.

    If you hang a picture with a stretcher frame on the wall, you will be showing an unframed picture. There are, however, special picture frames that are ideal for presenting pictures drawn or painted on stretcher frames. These are called the shadow gap frames.


    Now that you are a half-genius with all the knowledge about picture and photo frames, you will find it easier to proudly buy a photo frame as a gift for someone lucky. You will have tons to tell them about everything frames. GJ Boon offers a fresh and ever-changing variety of photo frames. Have a look. You will find a frame to your liking.

  • 10 Unique Christmas Gifts Under £50 for the Whole Family

    Stumped on what to get your family this Christmas? Well, we're here to help. Here are 10 unique Christmas gifts that won't break the bank.

    Unique Christmas Gifts

    You have a lot of people to shop for but little money to spare. Don't be that person who gifts a book of handwritten coupons. You don't want to owe Aunt Sally a foot rub, do you?

    Your budget doesn't have to hold you back from being a gift giving hero. There's plenty of unique Christmas gifts out there that won't put you in the poor house.

    Your friends and family don't care how much you spend on a gift. What matters is that they feel like you put thought into it. They want to know you got them a gift uniquely for them.

    That doesn't mean you need to get them a rare precious birthstone. A gift doesn't have to be expensive to be perceived valuable.

    Stumped on what to get your family this Christmas? Here are 10 unique Christmas gifts that won't break the bank.

    1. Festive Bauble Glasses

    Is there any better way to enjoy a holiday beverage than from out of a tree ornament? These clever festive bauble glasses look like a standard Christmas bulb. However, the hanger is actually a straw!

    The best thing about these glasses is that they come in a pair. You and the person you gift them to can exchange festive cheers all season long.

    2. Cute Glasses Cases

    This is a perfect gift for the mother who always misplaces her spectacles. Glasses cases don't have to be impersonal and boring. There are some super cute designs
    out there that will make mom smile.

    There's one with bees on it that reads, "Thank You For Bee-ing An Amazing Mum". Another shows the adorable image of a mother bear in glasses. With a bunch of unique designs out there you're bound to find the perfect one for your mother.

    3. Stylish Make Up Bags

    Everyone has a go-getter young lady in their lives. With her high-end tastes, she can be impossible to shop for. It's best to get her something that can be stylish and practical.

    Go with a trendy looking makeup bag. These small bags are designed to show off a young women's personality. They can also be used for different parts of her day. For example, the "My Gym Face" will be the perfect thing to use after a tough work out.

    4. Creative Door Signs

    Kids love to personalize their bedrooms. They want every inch of their spaces to reflect their unique personalities. That's why a creative door sign would be a great gift for the imaginative kid in your life.

    Door signs playfully tell any guests that this room is for "astronauts only". Other signs warn that this room is only for knights.

    Whatever the creative cutie in your life is into, they'll love being able to express it on their bedroom door.

    5. Travel Memories Box

    There are some gifts you can give that even you don't know the contents of. A Travel Memories Box is a wonderful gift for any wanderlust filled person in your life. Though you're really just giving them an empty box, the value will be what they fill it with.

    Inspire your friends and family to collect unforgettable keepsakes on their travels. The Travel Memories Box will ensure they never lose these items. And they'll always have you to thank for that.

    6. Trendy Jewellery Dishes

    Maybe you can't afford to give jewellery to that special someone this year.

    Don't fret! You can still brighten up their jewellery collection. Gift that gal a unique jewellery dish.

    With many trendy designs and styles, you're sure to find the perfect one for her.

    For the cat lover, get her the "I Think You Are Puuurfect" dish. Is she into mermaids? There are plenty of those to choose from too.

    These dishes are cute and trendy, just like her!

    7. Fun Manicure Kit

    The modern man takes great pride in his appearance. From his toes to his fingers, he wants to look his best. That's why a hip manicure kit is perfect for the well-
    tailored dudes you know.

    There's a fun design on the outside and everything he needs for hand grooming on the inside. A manicure kit has it all.

    Plus, there's plenty of great kits for the ladies too. A manicure kit should be able to appease anyone!

    8. Adorable Dog Bandanas

    Not all the people on your shopping list are people. You probably have a few friendly dogs in your life. Why not show them some love this holiday season?

    An adorable bandana will make the cutest pooch even cuter! Grab the "Will do tricks for treats" for your best 4-legged friend.

    9. Desktop Fan (With USB Plug)

    This a great gift for all the workaholics in your family. You can't make their long work days any easier. But you can make them more comfortable.

    Get them one of these desktop fans that plug right into their computer. They are totally USB powered! Now sweating over a deadline will be a lot more comfortable with this cool fan.

    10. Touching Starlight Bottles

    The most important thing about the holidays is to show people how much you care about them. The best gifts are those that remind people that you care all year

    Starlight bottles are repurposed wine bottles with a special message painted on them. Inside the bottle are little lights that when turned on will warm anyone's

    If you can't find the words for how you feel about someone you love, these bottles will say it for you.

    Unique Christmas Gifts Aren't Hard to Find

    With the internet at your disposable, finding unique Christmas gifts isn't as tough as it used to be. It just takes a little patience and some time to surf the web. Start your search with these gifts and then let your imagination take over.

    Want to start browsing now? Then check out these Christmas themed gifts!

  • 10 Great Housewarming Gift Ideas for First Time Homeowners

    If you have a friend or family member moving into their very first home, celebrating the milestone with these great housewarming gift ideas.

    Great Housewarming Gift

    It felt like it took a year and an army, but it happened: your friends finally moved into their first house.

    You're ready for this...mostly. You've got plans for the most memorable housewarming party ever, but you're stumped on the real question: what housewarming present do you get your friends (that won't collect dust in the storage closet)?

    Take a deep breath. You've got your friend's back, and we've got yours. Here are ten practical, useful, and fun housewarming gift ideas for first-time homeowners.

    1. A Trusted Cookbook

    If your friends have never lived on their own in a house or apartment before, then this may be their first time managing a kitchen on their own.

    For that, it's time to call in the pros. Metaphorically, of course. In the form of cookbooks.

    If your friends are total newbies to this mystical land called the kitchen, invest in the ultimate collection of workhorse recipes ever: The Joy of Cooking, which could reasonably re-titled The Chef's Guide to Everything. Go for the encyclopedic volume (seriously, you can't go wrong with 4,500 recipes).

    If your friends are aspiring gourmets, you can go for the ultimate gourmet classic: Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, best broken in over a bottle ofwine and a showing of Julie and Julia.

    2. 100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know

    If your friends need guidance beyond just the realm of the kitchen, then we suggest the book to beat all Google listicles: 100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know.

    Your home is a source of joy, pride, and security, not a money pit. This book takes that basic principle and shows homeowners how to treat their home with the love and care it deserves (and spend less money on various repairmen).

    Think of it like the homeowner's Bible.

    3. Chef's Knives

    Maybe your friends don't know a tomato from an eggplant, or maybe they can spell out the difference between a paring knife and a boning knife better than a Michelin-star chef. Maybe they actually are a Michelin-star chef, we don't know your life.

    Either way, no chef, amateur or pro, can get very far without a set of great knives.

    Go for a set that covers everything, such as:

    • Chef's knife
    • Santoku knife
    • Paring knife
    • Boning knife
    • Steak knives
    • Bread knife
    • Honing steel

    At a minimum, you want a chef's knife, a paring knife, and honing steel.

    4. Air Plants and Terrarium

    For something a little more fun (that will also bring some life to their newly furnished place) you can bring your friends some greenery.

    However, given that they just moved and might even be starting new jobs, you don't want a high-maintenance plant. For that, you have two options:

    1. Air plants
    2. Succulents

    Air plants don't need dirt or even that much water--you water them by dipping them in water once every two weeks. Succulents need even less water, like an ice
    cube every few weeks or so (seriously, forget about them and they'll be happy).

    You can plant the terrarium yourself, or make an afternoon of planting terrariums with your friends.

    5. Slow Cooker

    If your friends are adjusting to new work and life schedules in a new area, chances are they don't have time to cook on the regular.

    And if they've never managed a kitchen on their own before, there's even less chance they're going to actually cook.

    Enter, the slow cooker.

    Wirecutter recommends the Hamilton Beach Set & Forget 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker, which is pretty much exactly what the name implies: it's easy, reliable, and you can forget it for eight hours and still come home to a delightful pot of soup, beans, or roast.

    6. Smart Door Lock

    That said, for all the fun concerns of moving, there's also real practical concerns, like safety. Especially if your friends have a worrisome tendency to forget their keys.

    This is where smart locks come in. They're at least as secure as a traditional deadbolt, but allow you to turn a smartphone into a key. It's convenient, and you don't have to worry about a burglar finding your spare key under the doormat.

    7. Bamboo

    If your friends are into Feng Shui (or just need a bit of extra luck to help them along) then you can go all in for meaningful gifts and give them a lucky bamboo plant.

    The bamboo plant in Chinese lore is said to bring good luck and fortune, especially with a certain number of stalks (avoid four, unless it's your friend's lucky number). Plus, bamboo is impressively hardy, so you don't have to worry about a black-thumbed friend killing your housewarming present in a week.

    8. Weekly Produce Delivery Service

    Are you sensing a trend yet?

    A great housewarming gift brings some much-needed convenience to your friends'lives.

    Another great tool to do that is to sign up your friends for a weekly produce delivery service.

    If your friends have busy lives, they probably don't have the time to manage a farm (or even go to the grocery store).

    There are tons of organic produce delivery services, like Farmbox Direct. If your friends are environmentally conscious, you could also sign them up for a service like Hungry Harvest that collects and delivers unwanted, ugly, or excess produce to cut down on food waste.

    9. Coffee Accoutrements

    If you have a friend that cannot form sentences in the morning without at least two cups of coffee, then you'll solidify your friendship for life if you offer them the means of drinking more coffee.

    For those who just need to roll out of bed and guzzle, consider an instant coffee maker like the ever-classic Keurig.

    For gourmets, you can get them a stylish French press and a coffee grinder.

    And whatever you buy, don't forget about a cute travel mug.

    10. A Year of Amazon Prime

    Do we really need to say anything more here?

    If your friends have just finished moving, they're probably exhausted, stressed, and ready to be done with the whole affair. Which means they've definitely forgotten something, and housewarming gifts won't account for all of it.

    Gift them with a yearlong Amazon Prime gift membership and you're pretty much Superman.

    More Housewarming Gift Ideas

    You've got your housewarming gift ideas, and you've got your housewarming party plan. Time to welcome your friends into their new home!

    Of course, if you're still in the market for more gifts, check out our available selection of home gifts for more ideas to show your friends how much you love them.

  • Top Gift Ideas for Baby Shower

    Did you just receive the exciting news that your friend is expecting a baby? Well, we sure can relate to your excitement and bliss. Along with these, there comes a big responsibility. And that is buying a thoughtful, useful and unique baby shower gift for your friend and the baby on board.

    Choosing a perfect baby shower gift can be a tough job sometimes. Showering the to-be parents and the newbie yet to step into the world with gifts and blessings is the best feeling ever. If you are planning to gift something real, unique and useful you are on the right track. We are here to get you some cool and interesting stuff for your next baby shower. Well, it might turn out that you may get some praises from the guests too. Before you dive into the thoughts, we are here to help you with amazing ideas for the gifts.

    1. Baby Book: The best gift you can ever think of. These memorable gifts come with captivating prints and designs. One can make a collection of the baby’s milestones to preserve the memories forever. This is a great way to cherish the memories of your little one’s life from the little steps to now a bit bigger. Thus, when it comes to baby shower gifts, the first choice can be a baby book that can be cherished for a lifetime.

    2. Stick to the Registry: Registries are the best way for the couples to know what exactly they want. It is more sensible to gift something that is needed and can be used than to gift ethical or unused items. The soon-to-be parents can use it to list down their needs and their little ones as well.

    3. Twin Nursing Pillow: Are you looking for baby shower gifts for twins? A nursing pillow can be a great use to the mother. She can bottle feed or nurse both the babies at once. Also, it allows her to comfortably sit while her babies eat.

    4. Baby Bottle Sling: These slings can help the baby to eat on its own. This also gives some hands-free and relaxing time to the parents while the baby eats.

    5. Baby Blankets: A beautiful blanket can be a travel companion and ease for the mother and the newborn. This can be of a good use when the mother needs to go out. Especially, it can solve the purpose of protecting the baby from the harsh weather. So, buying a pretty blanket can turn out to be a purposeful gift, isn’t it?

    6. Apparel: New moms do not get enough time to do laundry as they are busy taking care of the bundle of cuteness. And a newborn can never run out of clothes. So, buying a baby apparel can be a good thought for the next baby shower.

    7. Cloth Diapers: This can be only a choice when you know that baby will be cloth diapered. Else, you can choose to gift a pack of other baby diaper gift packs. The thing is cloth diapers consume many resources to produce. Hence, it is better to avoid unnecessary use of such resources.

    8. Handmade Baby Shoes: The cutest way to welcome the tiny, little feet of your tiny tots is the baby shoes. You can gift a handmade baby shoe with a touch of softness and warmth. These are cute as buttons just like your babies. Handmade gifts are a thoughtful way of adding your percentage of care to the nurturing of the baby. You can also gift a set of hand covers and shoes to protect your baby from the weather.

    9. Crib Sheets: A quick change crib sheet can be a useful gift to the baby and the newbie parents. They provide layers of protection for the baby to stay comfortable and dry. It also protects your crib mattresses. A useful gift for a perfect baby shower, isn’t it?

    10. Baby Kit: The first idea one can think of a gift for a baby shower. These pack of cute, safe and skin-friendly gifts for baby can be a great help to the mama. A customized kit can also be a good option indeed.

    11. Recovery Kit: Generally, baby showers pretty much mean to welcome and shower the newborn with adorable gifts. But wouldn’t it be thoughtful to get something for the mama too? A recovery kit can be an amazing gift for her after the pregnancy to recover her health, skin and get back to her normality.

    12. Layette: This can be possibly the best gift very new mom loves to receive. It is a set of essential pieces like clothing, bedsheets and more for the newborn. Find a cute layette set for the little one for a baby shower gift.

    13. Baby Apron: A set of baby aprons or bib can be a cute and stylish gift. While babies enjoy their meals, these can be a saviour for the new moms to keep their clothes clean. It has a cover in the front and can be tied with a tape at the back. A set of colourful baby aprons can add to the list of baby shower gifts.

    14. DockATots: These are multipurpose and super comfortable for the newbies. One can take the foldable dockatots anywhere they go. One can use it for playing, lounging, and resting. Also, these are easy to wash and clean.

    15. Totesavvy: This can turn the mama’s bag into a perfect diaper bag. They are a great choice for gifts in comparison to the diaper bags. Diaper bags are pretty expensive and difficult to choose. Totesavvy turns out to be a magical gift for the new moms.

    Hope our ideas match your thoughts for a unique gift for the next baby shower. However, you can also choose to go by the customizations for these gifts to create something pretty interesting.

    Show your ample love and care for the mom-to-be. Also, shower her and her child with beautiful blessings in the form of gifts for the start of a new journey.

  • Best Wedding Gift Ideas of the Season

    The wedding season is around the corners again. Till now you might have received a bunch of wedding invites. And it may happen you are holding one while reading this article. While weddings are all about celebrations and reunions, you must be thinking of a perfect wedding gift. Gifts are a subtle way of expressing one’s feelings and appreciation for the hospitality enjoyed during the wedding ceremonies. However, the choice depends on an individual’s taste, style, and personality.

    Cash envelopes as wedding gifts are great options, but you always want to get something special for the bride and groom. If you want to gift something meaningful and unique, you can check our collection of ideas. We have ideas right from antique pieces to customized gifts for the next wedding you attend. We ensure these gifts are sure to evoke the warm memories even after years of the wedding.

    While selecting the best gift you can present to the newly married couple, you go through a whirlwind of doubts. What shall be gifted, will they like it, will the gift match their style and status? And whatnot! And sometimes, you also need to check your budget. Keeping everything in mind, we have answers to all your questions.

    If you are looking for some creative and great ideas, then here we present you interesting wedding gift ideas that speak volumes.

    • 1. Personalized Champagne Bottle: It is an all-time classic gift for the romantic couple. You can add a set of champagne flutes to it and make it look even more beautiful. Add a beautiful message printed on a golden or red foil on the bottle. Also, you can gift a set of champagne glasses with a small message for the couple.

    • 2. Dining Ceramics: A fancy dinnerware set can be an amusing gift for a wedding. It might be the most common gift but one can possibly never go wrong with its essentiality. A perfect dining ceramic can add ambience to the dining room and impress your guests.

    • 3. Jewellery Box: Jewellery box can be a great wedding gift. Traditionally, the bride is showered with beautiful and intrinsic pieces of jewellery. And your gift can be the best way of storing all the beautiful gifts and memories in one. These can also be a good option for decorative pieces. You can find a good collection of jewellery boxes online or in the stores near you. Available in all shapes, sizes, price range and designs, this can lure the newly married bride.

    • 4. Photo Candle: Photo candles have become a trend now. It is the perfect way to show your love to the happy couple. You can add a curated collection of photographs of the newlyweds on this stylish photo candle.

    Image Source

    • 5. Ladies Purse: Small in size, but high on style, ladies can go gaga over the purses. If you are from the bride team, you can choose from a diverse collection of purses - ethnic to modern and never fail to impress the pretty bride. You can gift a clutch that can go along with all occasions. You can choose from the marvellous collection of clutches from the tasselled ones to the embellished clutches and more.

    You can also add antique pieces as a collection to your thoughts for a wedding gift. These gifts can be a great help to the newlyweds if they are decorating their new place. Some of the antique and stylish gift ideas are:

    • 6. Clock with a Caricature: Caricatures can make everything better and funny at the same time. This is the most budget-friendly and an effortless gift you can think of. You can get the couple’s faces caricatured o a clock. Just wait to see their smiles when next time you meet them!

    Image Source

    • 7. Flower Vase: There are innumerable options when it comes to wedding gifts, especially with the beautiful flower vases. You can choose the wooden vase with miniature designs and patterns imposed on it or the earthen flower pots. You can also go for a big metallic vase to warm up the corners of the house.

    • 8. Engraved Wooden Box: This can be the most stylish gift amongst all other. Get a stunning engraved wooden box with a handwritten letter in it. In the era of emails, this can be a unique and a thoughtful gift for weddings. This box can be used in multiple ways and the couple can cherish this token of love and wish forever.

    If you are willing to go for something unique, you can try out the customized options for the wedding gifts. This surely can give you an edge over the gifts from the other guests.

    • 9. Customized Perfumes: One can never go wrong with the idea of gifting an exotic perfume. You can search the stores that provide the service of crafting a customized fragrance. Prior to selecting the perfect blend of fragrances, you can do some formal inquiry to the bride and the groom about their favourite fragrances. Later, at their wedding, you can surprise them with this thoughtful gift.

    • 10. Custom Soaps: This can be a creative and the easiest idea to flash on the list of wedding gifts. You can get the soap bars customized with the bride and groom’s names. Also, you can further customize the item with some ingredients and unique fragrances.

    • 11. Custom Jewellery: Jewelleries and weddings complement each other in every way. You can gift the newlyweds a gorgeous piece of jewellery as per your budget. You can look out for a piece of personalized gold bracelets and chains if you have quite a decent budget. Also, you can also have gold pendants with their initials engraved on it. Such gifts are appealing and valuable to last a lifetime.

    • 12. Custom Celebratory Slate: An impressive and unique wedding gift for the couple. A customized celebratory slate with the couple name on it can make the best choice for a moment to last for a life.

    Hope, now you are all prepared to woo the bride and the groom with your lovely and enduring wedding gifts.

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